• Wadsworth Supply Lists - updated for the 17-18 school year


    Backpack ----large enough to fit library books and papers---NO WHEELS

    Gym Shoes--worn to school on gym day

    1 box 16 or 24 count CRAYOLA crayons

    2 large glue sticks

    Paint shirt--large t shirt -- put your child’s name on it Large box of Kleenex

    Scissors--rounded tip, Fiskars work best

    2-2 pocket folders

    1 box zip lock bags----- Boys gallon size, Girls quart size 1 Big pink eraser 



    1st Grade Supply List 

    Crayons- 24 COUNT


    Scissors (rounded ends Fiskars work best)

    1 large eraser

    Supply box (plastic - around 8 inches X 5 inches)

    3 bottom pocket folders

    Book Bag / Back pack

    Art shirt

    2 boxes of kleenex

    4 red colored pencils for checking


    12 inch Ruler with centimeters on it

    Disinfectant wipes (e.g. clorox, lysol, etc)

    Ziplock sandwich bags. (GIRLS Only)

    1 box of 10 or more zip lock freezer bags (BOYS only)

    3 glue sticks and 1 bottle of Elmers Glue

    1 wide ruled spiral notebooks 

    2 Wide black expo marker (label with child’s name) 

    Please label ALL items WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. Please DO NOT send MARKERS, PENCIL SHARPENERS or BINDERS to school. We also ask that the children leave all toys at home except when we have sharing. 


    2nd Grade Supply list 

    6  # 2 SHARPENED pencils naked wood or Yellow

    1  Two pocket folder ( no side pockets )

    2  Boxes of kleenex

    3-4  Black dry erase markers ( colors are allowed in Mrs. Zahorsky's class )

    2   80-100 page Spiral notebook - Wide Ruled ONLY

    12 Colored pencils

    Small bottle of Elmers glue AND 2 glue sticks

    Crayons - No more than 48 please

    Regular sized pencil box


    Pencil Sharpener WITH  cover

    Headphones for computer lab


    Please make sure that each item is labeled with your child's name

    PLEASE DO NOT SEND :  Oversized pencil boxes, Pens, Trapper Keepers, Pencil sharpeners without covers and loose leaf paper

    If your last name begins with :


    A-E     Box of Band Aids or  disinfecting wipes

    F-P     Quart size zip loc bags

    Q-Z    Napkins or paper plates


    3rd Grade Supply List 

    24 crayons

    5  packages of #2 pencils

    5  pocket folders

    5  spiral notebooks

    2-5 black dry erase markers

    1  plastic school box

    2-3 yellow highlighters

    2  boxes of kleenex

    1  clorox or lysol wipes

    colored pencils

    centimeter ruler

    pink eraser


    glue sticks

    art shirt

    gym shoes

    old sock ( used for an eraser )


    4th Grade Supply List 

    3 packages of loose-leaf paper WIDE RULE


    Pen/pencil box

    2 Composition Notebooks

    3 or more red checking pens

    5 or more dry erase markers

    1 dry erase board eraser

    1 box of crayons

    1 pack of markers

    2 or more boxes of pencils ( mechanical or regular)

    2 pink erasers

    Pencil Sharpener with lid

    2- highlighters


    Glue ( stick or bottle )

    1 inch/centimeter ruler

    1 bottle of antibacterial gel

    2 disinfectant wipes ( clorox, lysol )

    4 boxes of kleenex

    1 small dry erase white board

    Art shirt

    Clip Board

    1- 7 pocket accordion folder ( please label tabs for reading, math, social studies, science )

    1 package of multiplication flash cards

    1 package of division flash cards


    5th and 6th Grade Supply List

    pocket folders (must be solid colors):

    3 blue, 2 purple, 1 yellow, 1 red

    blue or black ink pens

    red pens

    #2 pencils


    dry erase markers

    post its/sticky notes

    highlighters (at least two different colors)

    loose-leaf paper

    4 composition notebooks

    pencil bag that will attach to binder

    ruler and protractor for use on homework (keep at home)

     5th grade Only 

    2 boxes of tissue

    2   2” binders  

    8 dividers with tabs for binder

    6th Grade Only  

    box of tissue and bleach wipes

    3 inch binder or trapper keeper to hold all folders/paper and pencil bag