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    You've Been Ghosted!


     The air is cool, the season fall,
    Soon Halloween will come to all.
    With ghosts and goblins, and spooks galore,
    The Griffith Theatre Company will be at your door!

    Our spooks are after things to do,
    To "egg" your house as we pass on through
    The treats that come are yours to keep
    When we "ghost" you while you're fast asleep!


    The Griffith Theatre Company is coming to you!

    Ready to get ghosted? Our fall fundraiser invites you to purchase Halloween themed easter eggs filled with candy, treats, and more! We’ll roll into your neighborhood the night before Halloween to hide our stash of eggs for Halloween morning!
    Give your boys and ghouls a trick (or treat!)

    $20 per dozen eggs hidden around your front yard area, along with a "you've been ghosted sign" in the yard
    $20 for a pumpkin pail of eggs for residences who do not have a front property, along with a "you've been ghosted" flier attached to the door.

    Visit here to begin your purchase: https://griffithathletics.com/panther-box-office-tickets/

    Completion of payment and poll are required to complete your order.

    Our theatre company students will begin "egging" houses on Saturday, October 30th, from 7-9pm. We are only servicing Griffith residences, and front yards only. Texts will be sent to households prior, as we enter the neighborhood to hide eggs.

    The last day to submit an order will be: Thursday, October 28th, @8PM
    Purple, orange, and glow in the dark eggs will hold candy, stickers, and other treats.
    *If you are purchasing for more than one address, please complete the poll more than once.

    Please spread the word and happy haunting!




    Performing Arts Events

    Back by popular demand! Our 2021-2022 events calendar! All events in the GHS auditorium (as far as we know right now) for the school year! Band, choir, theatre, and more!


    performing arts


    Congratulations to the cast and crew of “The Mousetrap”! 
    The Mousetrap
    November 12th-14th, 2021

    mousetrap cast
    mousetrap production
    mousetrap crew

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