• Northwest Indiana Special Education Cooperative 


    REPORTS TO: Supervising Teacher

    MAJOR FUNCTION: Assists the teacher in implementing the identified services to meet the students’ individualized needs

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    A)   Education level – 2 yrs. of college (60 credit hours), Associates Degree or High School Diploma with taking ParaPro and passing with score of at least 460 per the Indiana Dept. of Ed within 3 weeks of employment.

    B)    Capable of lifting a minimum of 50 pounds, uses a two-person lift, or other appropriate techniques or equipment when lifting students or heavier objects

    C)    Demonstrate ability to follow directions

    D)   Collaboratively assist in implementing a student’s individual educational plan under the direction of the supervising teacher

    E)    Demonstrate ability to be flexible when working in the educational environments

    F)    Must be able to read and speak English

    G)    Regular attendance and punctuality required

    TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Follow school district calendar and hours per day as assigned. All other working terms and conditions of employment are established by the Board of Managers.


    1. Perform all duties of the paraprofessional functions as required by the NISEC including:

    ·       Implement instructional activities as developed by the teacher

    ·       Follow the established classroom management system

    ·       Maintain records and data as directed by the teacher

    ·       Supervise students - bus monitoring, lunchroom, playground, etc.

    ·       Assist students with feeding, personal and hygiene care

    ·       Follow therapy plans under the direction of the therapists and teacher

    ·       Adapt to changing needs of students

    ·       Maintain confidentiality of ALL student information

    ·       Able to assist students with academic activities as assigned

    ·       Regular attendance is needed to provide consistency for the students

    ·       Follow all medical and health care plans and emergency procedures for students

    ·       Perform such other tasks as may be assigned by the supervising teacher

    ·       Works with all students assigned (even if assigned as 1-to-1 para may be assigned other students to work with)

    ·       Perform all other essential functions as described on chart called “Essential Paraprofessional Job Functions” and all duties as assigned by the supervising teacher or administration

    EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the

        Board of Managers policy on evaluation of confidential personnel.