• Parents who have never set up a PowerSchool Parent/Unified Classroom Account, use this 'How to' video to set up your new account


    After watching the video, you will start here:




    Parents who already had a PowerSchool account from previous years, the PowerSchool ID you created is your username. Click here:  https://classroom.powerschool.com



    After you create your new Global PowerSchool Parent/Unified Access account, you will use the link below to login: 



    To add a student to an existing account: 

    Sign into your Parent Account

    • Go to the circle with your initials in the upper right corner and choose Settings
    • Click My Settings
    • Select Student Tab
    • Choose Add on the right side
    • Fill in student's first and last name
    • Then enter the Access ID and Access Password and your Relationship.
    • Click OK