• Nick Zivanovic  

     Mr. Nick Zivanovic

    "Mr. Z"

    Computer Science & Business
    Griffith High School
    Phone 219-924-4281 x4263

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    Current Classes


    Computer Science 7 (Grade 7)

    This 7th grade class is new for the 2016-17 school year. It helps prepare middle school students for using technology in middle and high school. Students spend 9 weeks learning basic computer programming skills using block programming and then 9 weeks learning the fundamentals of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

    Class web site for students and parents: mrz.today/cs7162

    Personal Finance (Grade 9)

    Prepares students to build skills in financial responsibility and decision making. Students analyze needs, wants, and goals, and identify sources of income, saving, and investing. Students also learn to prepare tax returns, manage a checking account, and use credit responsibly. This life-skills course teaches personal responsibility and allows students to apply acquired math skills to real-world situations. Major class projects include a mid-term checking account project and a car financing simulation.

    Class web site for students and parents: mrz.today/perfin16

    Introduction to Computer Science (grades 9-12)

    Students learn the basic concepts of computer software design through the creation of 2D and 3D games. They also learn the fundamentals of robotics using Sphero, a small robot they can control and program using their smart phones. Other topics covered include computer history, data types and structures, and an introduction to app development.
    Class web site for students and parents: mrz.today/ics162

    Student Expectations for class

    • Be on time, prepared to work, every day
    • Be prepared and bring all materials to class every day
    • Use all technology responsibly
    • Treat others and school property with respect
    • Follow all Griffith HS/MS rules for dress code and conduct
    • Challenge yourself to do your best!
    Complete classroom rules and procedures, seating charts, and daily assignments can be found on the class web sites for each class, linked above. Students are required to check these sites and PowerSchool for information about the class and to see what work was missed during absences. Parents are encouraged to look at the class sites to see what your student is doing and if they have homework assignments and check their academic progress in PowerSchool. Please feel free to contact me about any concerns you may have with your student's progress or class behavior.