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     Mr. Nick Zivanovic

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    Computer Science & Business
    Griffith High School
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    Classes for 2018-2019 School Year (Spring Semester) 

    AP Computer Science A (High School) Semester 2

    This rigorous college-level two-semester course in programming using Java takes students through all aspects of the programming language, control structures, recursion, object-oriented programming, and more, and prepares them to take the AP CS A exam for college credit.

    Class web site: mrz.today/apcsa18

    Introduction to Computer Science (High School) Semester 2

    Revised for 2017, this new two-semester introductory computer science class leads students to engage in computer science through real-world examples of game programming, introductory robotics, web design, and problem solving through JavaScript, HTML, and other technologies. In Semester 2, students will do more hands-on projects with Sphero robots, application design, and electronics interface training with Adafruit Circuit Playground devices.

    Class web site: mrz.today/ics18b

    Personal Finance (9th grade, see important note below)

    Prepares students to manage their personal finances throughout their working life. Topics covered will include how personal choices affect income; income, benefits, and taxes; purchasing power; financial planning; banking; personal risk management and insurance; making smart buying decisions; using and preserving credit; credit problems, bankruptcy, and consumer protection; and savings and investments. Major projects include balancing a bank account (mid-term project) and searching for and financing a car.

    Class web site: mrz.today/perfin18b

    Middle School Intro Computer Science (8th grade)

    Students explore concepts in computer science through project-based learning and collaboration using Code.org, Agent Sheets and AgentCubes software to build games and other programs and learn the fundamentals of robotics.

    Class web site: mrz.today/msics18b


    Student Expectations in my classes 

    • Be on time, prepared to work every day
    • Be prepared and bring all materials to class every day
    • Use all technology responsibly
    • Treat others with respect
    • Follow all Griffith HS/MS rules for dress code and conduct
    • Follow classroom rules for behavior, classwork, and assignment grades
    • Challenge yourself to do your best!

    Complete classroom rules & procedures, grade policy, seating charts, and daily assignments can be found on the class web sites for each class, listed above. Students are required to check these sites for information about the class and PowerSchool to see what work was missed during absences. Parents are encouraged to look at PowerSchool to see what your student is doing and if they have homework assignments. Please feel free to contact me about any concerns you may have with your student’s academic progress or class behavior.


    What is needed for my classes? 

    All students should be prepared with the following items:

    • Black ink pens
    • #2 pencils
    • College-ruled notebook paper
    • Calculator

    Students will use their iPads every day in their classes. Please make sure that they bring them home and charge them on a daily basis.

     Donations of the following items will be gladly accepted:

    • Kleenex (non-lotion) - we go through a lot of this!
    • Hand sanitizer (unscented)
    • Sanitizing wipes

    Important note for Personal Finance (9th Grade) parents

    Personal Finance is a required class for all freshmen in the Griffith Public Schools. In my experience teaching this class, I have found many 9th grade students are often not mature enough to take the class seriously even though I stress it’s about their money and using it responsibly. Unlike many other classes they will take, they will use the skills developed here for the rest of their lives. I often get comments from parents that they wished they had been taught the topics of banking, taxes, using credit, and saving while they were in school and are glad their students are being exposed to it. Please discuss this with your child and make sure they make a good effort in this class.
    It is a must that all students have a class folder to keep their graded work in because they will need it all at the end. In addition, all graded work and any notes the students take are eligible to be used on quizzes and tests.

    To ensure their success in this very important class, please make sure your student has a notebook/folder dedicated to this class and that they bring it with them every day.