Welcome to Griffith Middle School

          Griffith Middle School has approximately 370 students in Grades 7 and 8 and has a long and proud tradition of providing its student body a high quality educational experience that helps them develop both cognitively and socially, while preparing them to successfully transition into high school and beyond.
          Griffith Middle School offers our students many opportunities to participate in activities outside of the classroom.  Research has continued to show that students who choose to participate in extra-curricular activities generally display increased academic success.  We, as a school, implore our students to get involved in the extra-curricular opportunities that we offer.  We have a wide variety of Interscholastic Athletic teams, Academic Competition teams, Student Council in addition to an expanding and challenging Robotics Club.

          We presently have about half of our student population taking high school classes for credit in over 10 different subject areas.  Our ELA classes continue to utilize our Middle School “satellite library”, where there are a number of high-interest books made available to our students.
          As a staff we continually seek out ideas to improve the educational experience of our students. It is our goal to provide our students with a number of quality electives that focus on inquiry based lessons that encourage critical thinking and positive problem solving skills. In the fall of 2014 we added Robotics to our course selection, and this fall we are adding a basic Computer Science course for students who are interested in learning about computer programming. All that said, we are continuing to grow our electives each year to create the best learning experience possible! 

          If you would like to communicate with our staff regarding your child’s academic needs, please feel free to contact them through our phone system or e-mail them.  If you would like to speak with a teacher or make an appointment for a parent-teacher conference, please contact them.  Griffith Middle School has a dedicated, experienced, and loyal staff that continually puts the best interests of the students first.
          Throughout the year we will to keep you updated through our school website, One Call, and Remind Texting. Please make sure to sign up to receive our latest information!

          I hope that you find this website helpful. Our goal is to support your child to the best of our abilities to allows them to pursue their dreams through a life time of learning. If you have questions about Griffith Middle School, please do not hesitate to call the school office at 219-924-4281.
    Yours in Education,
    Dustin R. Nelson