• Dear Wadsworth families,

                Welcome returning and new families to the 2018-2019 school year! We are excited to begin our academic year, as many great things are in store for us at Wadsworth/GPS. Griffith Public Schools will shortly begin its journey of implementing 1:1 technology. At the start of school, each student will be issued an IPad (more information to come). Additionally, Apple TVs and state of the art projectors have been installed in every classroom. Along with these new additions, new staff members will be a part of our Wadsworth family. Welcome to the following new staff members:

    • Ashely Massey, Title One teacher
    • Teresa Lampkins, GAP teacher
    • Anthony Zarndt, 5th grade teacher
    • Mishaela Johnson, Counselor (shared)
    • Melissa Martinez, Kindergarten maternity leave
    • Vernon Davis, Custodian

    In addition to our new staff members, other changes will also take place this year. Our new start times are as follows: 8:45-3:30 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Doors will open promptly at 8:15 am Monday-Friday. For safety reasons, please do not drop your child(ren) off any earlier than 8:15 am. Students not eating breakfast, should arrive between 8:30-8:45 am. Students who are not in their classrooms at 8:45 am, will be considered tardy. Instruction begins promptly at 8:45 am. Every Tuesday, students will be released at 1:30 pm, as teacher’s will have professional development. Please make sure your child(ren) knows how they will be dismissed after school each and every day (car rider, daycare, walker or bus). Parents must call before 2pm or write a note to their child’s teacher in order for any transportation changes to take place, otherwise students will be dismissed as usual. However, we do recognize true emergencies.

    In order to become more ecofriendly, GPS is taking the initiative to become a paperless district. Therefore, the following will be implemented this school year online:

    • School lunch accounts/fees will be maintained through Titan School Solutions. Please access titank12.com to set up and maintain your child(rens) lunch account. Additionally, free and reduced lunch applications are only available online. These applications and lunch menus can be accessed via GPS website. Such applications, will need to be filled out every school year.
    • At the beginning of the year, every student will be issued a power school code (more information to come). Grades, attendance etc…may be checked as often as necessary (using this code). Report cards will no longer be printed and sent home. They will be accessed online as well.
    • Newsletters/notes from Wadsworth will be minimal. Information will be shared via Wadsworth Website, Twitter, Facebook and our new SwiftK12 app (this app replaced our One Call system). Please make sure we have your current phone number and email, if you wish to receive calls/ texts/emails).


                Lastly, the safety of our children is my number one priority. All guests will be buzzed into the office. Guests who have business to attend to throughout the building, must provide his/her driver’s license (no exceptions). All driver’s licenses are checked through our raptor machine. Upon clearance, badges are created. Guests are expected to wear badges throughout their time within the school campus. Additionally, all family members who wish to attend field trips, after hour functions (on or off campus with their child(ren) must complete a back-round check. These must be completed every school year. Forms will be sent home to each student at the very beginning of school. Please note back-round checks may not be submitted on the day of field trip. The earlier they have been submitted, the better. Thank you for abiding by these GPS policies.

                Car riders will be dismissed out of cafeteria doors (door B). Car rider line begins outside of cafeteria doors. Each student will be issued a number (this is new this year). Students will be dismissed by their numbers that are seen in their car’s windshield. These will be issued to students during the first week of school. Multiple numbers will be made for additional cars (per family). Your patience in this new system is appreciated. Car riders may only enter the vehicle via passenger side of car. Staff members will be on duty each morning and afternoon to aide in the quick and effective use of our car line and to ensure the safety of our children. Please trust this process. Also, please refrain from parking in spaces (including handicap) or across the street to pick up your child.

                Kindergarten walkers will be dismissed on the south side of the building (door N). If you are driving a vehicle, you will pick up your child in the car rider line.

                1-6 walkers will be monitored by staff and patrol students. Parents walking their child(ren) home must wait on the opposite side of the cross walk in the school driveway from the main doors for their child(ren) as they exit the building.


    Thank you for your cooperation. Should you have any questions, I can be reached at 923-4488. I look forward to a safe and rewarding school year for all.


    Kindest Regards,


    Mrs. Jaros, Principal