• Before You Get Started

    Welcome to Griffith Public Schools Registration

    Registration online is a pre-registration process provided for families who have established a legal residence in Griffith and who plan to enroll their student(s) in the Griffith Public Schools. Submission of data on this website will help streamline and expedite the enrollment process by allowing families to enter state and locally mandated information about students from the comfort of their home.

    Submitting the pre-registration information online, however, does not guarantee your student has met the requirements for admittance to the Griffith Public Schools. You will need to schedule an appointment to complete your child's enrollment.  

    Failure to submit all required documents at the time of your appointment will require you to make a second appointment at a later date. Only a natural parent or court appointed guardian living in the Griffith district and at the same residence as the student may enroll that student. You are legally obligated to provide accurate information.

    The following documents must be submitted at your enrollment appointment:

    Student information:

         • Original birth certificate 

         • Custody agreement/court order if parents are separated or divorced

         • Any additional court ordered papers that the school needs to be aware of

         • Immunization record

         • Academic records (transcript if grades 9-12, latest report card if grades 1-8)

         • Social security card (grades 9-12)

         • Copy of IEP, 504 Plan, or RtI Plan (if applicable)

    Parent information:

         • A valid Indiana driver’s license (or Indiana state ID) with the current Griffith      


         • If homeowner, a mortgage statement, settlement statement, or property tax 

              receipt containing the names of the homeowners

         • If renter, a lease( must be current) indicating the term of the lease, address of 

              the lease property, name and phone number of the lessor, name of the lessee

              and a listing of tenants


    Two additional items from the following list (within the last 2 months):

         • Town of Griffith water bill

         • NIPSCO bill

         • Auto insurance bill

         • Bank statement

         • Telephone bill

         • Pay stub with address

    In certain situations, additional residency forms may be required.

    To schedule your enrollment appointment, call your school office.

    Please be advised that the Griffith Public Schools does reserve the right to periodically and randomly conduct home visits to verify the residency of all students enrolled in the district.  If a student’s legal settlement is not in the school corporation where the student is enrolled, that student may be expelled from school.  Any information that has been falsified in this submission voids this application and violators are subject to penalties and/or fines allowable to the full extent of the law.