Griffith Middle School offers robotics as an after school program and has a competitive team that participates in FIRST Lego League.

    GMS Robotics Club meets twice a week. Beginning students learned the basics of building and programming robots while utilizing different sensors.  Students are given different challenges for their robots each week, such as mazes and obstacle courses, and in-class competitions are held.

    More experienced students use the Robotics Engineering curriculum created by Carnegie Mellon University, which teaches concepts such as gear ratios and power. The experienced students receive challenges that push them to be creative in design and programming.  They compete against each other to build the fastest robot, the robot the can climb the steepest incline, the robot that can pull the heaviest weight, and more.

    In Fall of 2013, GMS created its first competitive team, Team Panther-botz.  This rookie team had a terrific season.  The Panther-botz took 2nd place in the Hammond Invitational Robotics Competition, 1st Place in Research for the IUN Regional FIRST Lego League Competition, and qualified for the Indiana State Championship FIRST Lego League Competition.  Team Panther-botz intelligence and teamwork impressed judges in all their competitions.  The team is looking forward to next season!