• Our purpose is to provide parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf on every child while providing the best tools for parents to help their children to be successful students.
    Reasons to be an active member of Wadsworth's PTC:
    =be involved in your child's school life
    =have input on fund-raising ideas and how the funds are spent
    =be current on all events and future events
    =help in decision-making and oversight roles for the school
    =bring new innovative ideas
    =build strong working relationships among parents, teachers and schools in 
         support of students
    =help organize parent education events
    =be a positive role model for you child as well as others
    =have fun while making our school a success in the community
    PTC Meetings are held bi-monthly.  We invite you to attend these meetings to learn more about our organization.  Dues are $2.  This guarantees your voting rights during our meetings.