• In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary school we will:

    ·      Follow the state of Indiana’s curriculum standards;

    ·      Use approved instructional models, textbooks, and materials adopted by our school corporation;

    ·      Apply assessments and retrieved data to track growth and to make curricular decisions;

    ·      Share information collaboratively to track skills being missed or needing improvement;

    ·      Effectively utilize instructional personnel;

    ·      Maintain high expectations of all students to make progress, given sufficient time and support;

    ·      Seek funding for programs to help at risk students;
    Safe Environment

    ·      Adhere to established expectations and consistent consequences for students’ behavior while they are in public areas;

    ·      Promote communication among staff members on student behavior issues;

    ·      Oversee the safe arrival and dismissal of students;

    ·      Actively participate in the maintenance and beautification of our physical environment;

    ·      Provide additional student and staff recognition;

    ·      Demonstrate our commitment to treating all students with kindness and respect;

    ·      Uphold a professional code of ethics and privacy toward all students and their families;

    ·      Encourage promptness of students and staff for all activities;

    ·      Display professional manner and dress;
    Parental Involvement

    ·      Encourage parents to become involved in opportunities to share their time and talents;

    ·      Furnish parents with resources, programs, and materials on topics related to the betterment of their child; and

    ·      Involve parents in the education of their children by keeping them informed of student progress and offering suggestions for assisting their students.