• Description of Services

    Griffith Public Schools recognizes that some students achieve at a level or have the potential to achieve at a level that may require challenge and rigor outside that of the grade level curriculum.  Students in kindergarten through 12th grade will be identified according to the GPS identification plan.  Once identified, students will receive high ability services that will meet their unique educational and affective needs.  The following document describes the services and delivery options for each grade level.


        Kindergarten students will be screened using a district developed achievement instrument before entering school in the fall. Students needing advanced instruction in reading and math will be grouped together for instruction. After formal identification in the spring, any student who is identified as high ability and is not currently grouped for differentiated instruction in one or both subjects will be placed in the high ability groups for appropriate math and/or reading instruction.
        Students in first through sixth grade who are identified as either general intellectual or high ability math and/or language arts will be grouped together in one or more classrooms for appropriate instruction. The classroom teacher will be trained to provide daily instruction that challenges high ability students.  Grouping identified students will not only facilitate instructing them at an appropriate level but will also allow them to interact with other students who possess similar academic and social-emotional needs.

    Middle School

        Identified students will be placed in the appropriate Honors class according to their identified needs.  For example, a student may be placed in Honors English or Honors Math or both. The curriculum in Honors classes differs from the regular curriculum in the pace of instruction, complexity of topics, and/or the depth of coverage.
    High School

        Identified students will be placed in appropriate classes based upon their identified need. The following are the options available at Griffith High School for high ability students:

        Pre-Advanced Placement (Honors)  English classes in grades 9 through 11.
        Enriched Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus

        Dual credit classes offered through Ivy Tech
        Dual credit courses offered at local universities

    1.     Advanced Placement English Language
    2.     Advanced Placement Calculus A and B
    3.     Advanced Placement Biology
    4.     Advanced Placement United States History
    5.     Advanced Placement Spanish
    6.     Advanced Placement Psychology
    7.     Advanced Placement English Literature
    8.     Advanced Placement Government
        Another option for providing appropriate instruction for high ability students is the use of acceleration.  There are acceleration options for all grade levels. Some of those options are:

    • Early entrance to kindergarten
    • Subject skipping (ex. a 5th grade student may go to a 6th classroom for math instruction) 
    • Grade skipping
    • Curriculum Compacting (students who demonstrate mastery of concepts to be taught use the class time to move through the curriculum at a faster pace or study areas of interest.) 
    • Telescoping Curriculum (ex. a student completes a one year course in a semester)
    • Early graduation from high school
    • Dual enrollment