• New and Returning Student Registration portals will open July 15.

    ALL NEW AND RETURNING STUDENTS must be registered online prior to on campus student registration!

    On-Campus Student Registration will take place July 22nd from 11-6 and July 25th from 9-11. Students and parents will remain in vehicles. As you arrive, parents will enter parking lot and proceed as if you are dropping off or picking up students during the regular school day. For new parents, you will follow the signs located at each of the building entrances.

    Due to social distancing, you will need to remain in your vehicle at all times.

    All original documents will need to be provided as we will make copies for our records. Please enclose the following original documents in a plastic Ziploc bag:

    ALL NEW STUDENTS need to accompany the parent during on campus registration as we are taking photos for student badges.

    FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY the following documentation is needed:


    Original birth certificate


    Custody agreement/court order if parents are separated/divorced


    Immunization records (Provide up-to-date information if applicable)

    ALL PARENT documentation needed for NEW AND RETURNING STUDENTS:


    Valid IN driver’s license with current Griffith address


    Mortgage statement or current lease (indicating terms of lease, address of lease property, name and phone number of lessor, name of the lessee and a listing of tenants-including children).

    2 additional items needed for ALL NEW AND RETURNING STUDENTS (Document must reflect date within last 2 months):


    NIPSCO Bill


    Bank Statement


    Telephone Bill


    Pay stub with address


    Town of Griffith water bill


    If you are unable to attend on the dates or times listed above, please contact the prospective building secretary to make an appointment. Please note all residency documentation must be VERIFIED BEFORE your child can begin school.