• eLearning Information

    I wanted to provide some important information to families regarding eLearning assignments during this unprecedented time of extended eLearning. 

    Assignments- These have all been sent to students through email and are located in Unified Classroom and labeled by the date they were assigned. I began emailing assignments by March 20.

    Attendance- Filling out the attendance survey is not adequate to receive a grade in the course.  The assignments must be turned in as well. These surveys are important though and generally take less than a minute, so please continue to fill these out.

    Making Up Missed Assignments- I will accept late assignments so students can be successful. Please email me if old assignments are completed so I can be sure to grade them.

    Grading- I am grading once a day. I have noticed a lot of students completing their work late so in the morning I tend to have a lot of the questions to answer and then I move on to grading. When looking in the PowerSchool Gradebook, assignments with a zero are past due.  Assignments that are blank are not turned in, but also not due yet.  On the due date, zeros will be entered in to any blank grades. All assignments will be worth 10 points.

    Choice Boards- For each week beginning with the week of April 20, I am providing students with a choice of their assignments that works best for them and their families. Students must submit their work for credit. I put in bold on the board what the best method of turning in is.  However any way the student thinks to get the assignment to me, I will accept.  

    Technology Platforms Used- I have been using email, Unified Classroom, EdPuzzle, and SeeSaw for all of my classes.  Choir has experimented with Flipgrid. Band and Choir should be in SmartMusic, which I have obtained for us to use free of charge for the remainder of this school year. If you need help logging in to any of these, please email me and instructions will be re-sent.