Titan School Solutions is the parent access system. Parents will be able to process meal payments, access student transactions and apply for meal/textbook assistance.

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    Please refer to the GPS food service website or your school’s kitchen manager for more information.

    Griffith Schools Food Service Team 
    Joseph Blissett MSM, Director of Food Services      
    Danielle Fiorio, Administrative Assistant / Free and Reduced Application Manager
    219.924.4250 ext. 5186 
    Beth Nunez, Griffith Middle/High School Kitchen Manager 
     219.924.4281 ext. 3330
    Shanna Gulley, Beiriger Elementary School Kitchen Manager 
     219.924.4030 ext. 2108
    Tiffiny Ulman, Wadsworth Elementary School Kitchen Manager
    219.923.4488 ext. 2508