• juniorchecklist
    Junior College Planning Checklist
    ___Make an appointment with your counselor to be sure you are on track for Core 40.
    ___Begin collecting information in a folder from colleges or universities that interest you.
    ___Check out http://www.learnmoreindiana.org.This is a college and career planning web site just for Indiana students.
    ___Check out the date for taking the PSAT and be sure to sign up for it in the guidance office.
    ___Check out the dates and locations for SAT and ACT tests on the Guidance website.  Sign up online at http://www.collegeboard.com or in pick up a packet in the guidance office.
    ___Find out from your counselor when our school will hold SAT prep classes or where there are other courses in the community.
    ___Fall break?  Ask your parents to schedule an appointment to visit an Indiana college or two that you may be interested in.
    ___Request information online from colleges.  Check out the guidance office for a wealth of college guidebooks and other info!
    ___Check out http://www.usnews.comto find information on 1,400 schools, including a lot of top-ranked Indiana colleges.
    ___Get involved with some community services.  Scholarship applications always want to see what you’ve done for your community.  See your counselor for ideas.
    ___If you didn’t pass one of the sections of the GQE, be sure to participate in remediation programs at school!!
    ___Talk to your friends who are home from college for break!  Get the real scoop from them!
    ___Be sure to check out dates and locations for SAT and/or ACT on the Guidance website.  It is time to sign up for Spring tests.
    ___Check out summer college programs being offered in athletics, art,academics.  Many colleges offer students the chance to attend classes and live on campus for a couple of weeks.
    ___Look ahead to your senior year.  Stay on Core 40 course and sign up for the most challenging classes available, including Advanced Placement opportunities!
    ___Continue working with community services
    ___Meet with your counselor to update your current career paths and educational plans.
    ___Don’t forget the SAT and/or ACT.
    ___Meet with your coach and ask for his or her help in meeting college coaches if you’re hoping to play a sport in college

    ___Register for initial-eligibility with the NCAA at http://www.ncaa.org/cbsa/clearinghouse.org


    ___Write a resume (learn how online at http://www.learnmoreindiana.org/@students/students_hs/planning/checklists/resume_tool/) Use it to find a summer job.

    Summer - Make a couple of college visits.