• Drama State Conference 2018!

    High School Theatre State Students! We are meeting Wednesday, January 17th, after school in the auditorium! Your final payment is due by this meeting! Please make sure you attend for important paperwork and information. For questions, please see Miss Candiano 

    Current Thespians 2017-2018

    Storm Fleming*
    Nina Mendoza*
    Collin Meadows*
    Sammi Rettie*
    Shawn Falstrom*
    Laura Reid*
    Gabby Quintana*
    Maddie Kruse*
    Amari Harris*
    Gio Johnson*
    Justin Walton*
    Stephen Kunka*
    Cameron Bobos*
    Max Mclean*
    Jake Diamond*
    Kyle McCarter*
    Angel Meyer*
    Jesse Rosario*
    Sam Pelot*
    Emily Marsh*
    Shawn Graham*
    Christina Dorsey*
    Skylar Davenport*
    Caelyn Aranda*
    Leah Vuckovich*
    Zoe Diguez
    Molly Mills
    Kirsten Edwards
    Jasmine Gutierrez
    Nicole McCarter
    Maddie Nolan
    Emma Loomis
    John Vega
    Jackie Bobos

    *-Denotes Senior 
    The Directing Staff:
    Miss Jenna Candiano: Director & Thespian Sponsor
    Miss Maggie Rivera: Middle School Director
    Mr. Jim Graff: Technical Director & Auditorium Director
    Miss Kelly Bourget: Music Director 
    Mrs. Janette Vehrs-Snelson: Choreographer
    Mr. Aaron Alexander: Pit Orchestra Conductor
    Miss Shannon Scheidel: Costume Director
    Miss Lauren Nelson: Hair Director
    Mrs. Lauren Januska: Makeup Director