Wadsworth Elementary School

  • Back to School Letter from Mrs. Jaros

    Car Rider Parents,


                First, thank you so much for your patience with the after school pick up line. As you may have noticed, we have been testing new methods to get you in and out in a timely manner, without jeopardizing the safety of your child. We have been diligently monitoring the time and safety of this system. On Monday August 20th, we will be testing one last method.

                Parents are instructed to pull into the north entrance as before, drive south through the parking lot, and begin to pull into the back lot, near the playground. Upon entering the back lot, you will proceed into a “snake like” line. We ask that you pull up as close as possible to allow for a maximum number of cars as well as having your number displayed. Students will then depart from the gym to their corresponding number vehicle. Once signaled by staff, cars will then depart around the school and out the south exit. The next vehicles will then pull forward and the same process will then take place.

                This system is to access a large amount of cars at once, but in a safe and controlled environment. Thank you for staying patient as we find the best possible solution to a safe and effective pick up.




    Wadsworth Staff

    August 16, 2018

    We at Wadsworth, have been closely monitoring our pick up lane and wait times. While ensuring student safety is priority one, we have been attempting different methods to assist in speeding up the process. Starting Monday, we will have a new route. In the coming days, please check email and social media for a route diagram. We are working tirelessly to ensure a safe and fast system. Thank you for your patience.




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